D. A. Featherling has always had a vivid imagination. Her early attempts at living out the adventures she read about in books took her to dig for uranium with her sister…in the vacant lot next door. Made a pretty big hole for two little girls. And then she was an astronaut…on the roof of her grandfather’s workshop. She produced plays…with the help of the neighborhood kids. From there it was only a short hop to working on school newspapers and acting in school productions. She has always loved to read, but never thought about being a writer. At least not until she read an article about what she’d do if she could do anything in the world. “I’d write books” popped into her mind, astonishing her. It didn’t take long, however, for the desire to write to give birth to a first attempt at a novel. And thus began her writing journey.

D. A.’s advertising, public relations, and marketing skills lend themselves to the promotion of her fiction, and her awards for journalism, fiction writing, and public speaking attest to her ability.


She now lives in Georgetown, a special small town deep in the heart of Central Texas.

Contact D.A. Featherling at or 512-663-1407.


"Your [inspirational] books have been a breath of fresh air
to me." ~D.W.

Now a prolific author (35 books as of mid-2022) who writes in multiple genres, D. A. Featherling’s adult years as an administrator for corporations, state agencies, a university physics research center, and later, owner of her own home staging business, give her an unlimited supply of stories and characters that reflect the lives and loves of everyday people. And some not so everyday.

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